Energy Medicine

Francisca is a Level II Reiki practitioner, she also utilises (the original) Emotional Freedom Technique, and can help you with Affirmation Work.

Reiki originated in Japan, and it translates as ‘universal life energy’. Mikao Usui, born in 1865, was the ‘Father’ of Reiki, over his life he developed Usui Reiki and taught it to over 2000 people. Practitioners of Reiki can now be found almost everywhere.
A typical session in Francisca’s clinic will last about 15 minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – also called tapping, was invented by Gary Craig who discovered that by tapping on various meridians on the head and upper chest emotional blocks were cleared, which can lead to the resolving of physical issues. 

An EFT session with Francisca will usually take a full 50 minutes. 

Affirmations are big business these days! Used properly, they can have profound effects. Francisca is here to help you figure out the best ones for you.