Francisca Griffin, registered Naturopath, Dip Nat(2002), member NMHNZ

Francisca is here to provide holistic well-being insights and recommendations in a friendly and supportive manner. She holds a Diploma in Naturopathy (2002) and is registered with NMHNZ (her professional association).

Being registered means Francisca is required to keep her knowledge base up to date with the latest Naturopathic and Nutritional medicine research and developments. She very much enjoys implementing these evidence-based practices in clinic.

The response and results you experience when working alongside Francisca are driven by you. You do the work and make the dietary and lifestyle changes to gain your results, these results can be long lasting when integrated appropriately and honestly.

Francisca invests 20+ years clinical naturopathic experience, a compassionate and discerning ear and her full professional capacity and to support you on your path to wellness; when you are ready to commit to you, book an appointment and walk towards regaining your health, naturally.